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I need a website!

Ohmygod if you looked at my site you would see how utterly pitiful it is.
Now I’m a struggling artist and I don’t have much money... a few hundred bucks to spare. I don’t need much, a clean design, a bio page and a gallery.
Contact me ASAP!
DoveSoup @
I’m desperate people!

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I Will Always Remember Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico effect begins and ends with startling blue water and swaying coconut palms, falling asleep to jungle sounds, and rain suddenly bursting through windows and open doors sounding like a thousand horses in full gallop. Puerto Rico is a green enormous wet. Even without an inkling of Spanish I believe people would guess that the name Puerto Rico means Port Something; the literal translation is Rich Port due to the plentiful gold found in the rivers that empty into the sea. From its tropical beauty to its friendly atmosphere, Puerto Rico is rich in so many ways. To me the place is more than a happy memory and more than its name. Puerto Rico is equal to the feeling it produces. Puerto Rico is easy. It’s easy on the spirit. It is easy on being. There are places in everyone’s life that they will never forget. Then there are Puerto Rico places where the history of our experience is so extraordinary the memory of that place becomes a totem that we…
funerals, clumsy beautiful, heart wrenching. no one knows where to stand, sit or look,
faces that cannot cry anymore  faces that can't yet remember the truth of a smile. someone once loved, respected, honored and cherished and no one knows how to fill the gap.


New, what a fabulous word. I'll be starting something New.
Turning a corner.
Going in a different direction.
Creating a New beginning.

Wait for it....

Growing Old Graciously - Or Not

I pray I grow into a gracious old lady

In advance - I apologize for posting yet another story with more of the same crap about living with an elderly parent.

Here is the story... saga... my complaint... by bitch... my moan.

While I was getting dinner started, mom obviously heard me moving around in the kitchen. I know this because it wasn't long before she showed up to see what was going on (read: looking food laying around to eat), She asked if there was anything she could do to help. Good start...
I asked if she wanted to learn how to make pizza dough, "Would you like to help me?"

Her reply; "No"

I said, "There is no hand mixing or kneading, all we have to do is measure the
ingredients and put them into the KitchenAid, it does all the work."

Her reply: "Oh"

Can anyone tell me - Why did she ask?
Couldn't she have at least come into the kitchen and watch... look slightly
interested... measured a couple of teaspoons of salt?

Maybe her quest…

A lot of blow and nary a show - tornado warning in the night

Matt was out of town last night, we (my 82 year old mother and I) spend part of our evening in the basement while tornado sirens blared.

I have never seen blinding rain like I did last night. There is a 1 acre field between my house and the neighbor's, I could not see my neighbor's huge 2-story home through the heavy rain.

Mom and I are fine, although getting her 82 year old butt out of bed, her robe and her shoes on, then down stairs was fun. Getting her down the precipitous basement stairs was even funner.

With warning alarms blaring I then had to go and collect mom's poodle, who for some reason decided the basement was not where she wanted to be... go figure. The big brave dog had enough dog-sense to get in the basement and stay there. I could hear him whimpering somewhere in the corner.

So there we sat - Two old women, two flashlights, two candles, two books
(like we are going to read while the house is torn from it's foundation) and two whinny-scaredy-cat …